Friday, February 18, 2011

The Countdown it on…

I began the ultimate test of a mom of two on Tuesday – Mayu’s gone away, for work, to California for a week, well, in truth?   5 days, or rather, 4 sleeps.  For all of you parents who have done it alone for a night, or two, or three, or several, or God-forbid, are single parenting, you are ridiculous (and I mean this with great admiration)!  I take my hat off to you, HELL, our whole damn family is taking off ALL our hats!! 
06:15 – Mayu and I enjoyed our last cup of coffee together, in peace and quiet, as the girls were still sleeping – he was out the door by 06:45, anxious, sad, it was horrible – we embraced as if he was going off to war (although, we all know who was really left in the trenches!)
07:30 – Olive yells out “MAMA!” and Poppy sweetly coos…my coffee was done and I was feeling good and rested, I went, got the girls…diapers, breakfast, a quick play, clothes on, out the door…
09:00 – dropped Olive at school (she’s overjoyed, ‘bye-bye Mama, bye-bye Poppy’)
09:15 – Poppy was popped in her cot for nap #1, I began to install a kitchen backsplash (a surprise for Mayu that I’ve been planning for some's no easy feat to hide 30kg of adhesive and grout in an 89sqm place!)
10:15 – Poppy’s up, sweetly cooing away in her cot, I went, got her up, diapers, play, lunch...
12:00 – Poppy’s back in her cot for nap #2, I finish adhering the backsplash
14:30 – Poppy & I arrive to pick up Olive, she was happy to come home, we played the day away, ate, hung out, and I had both girls into their beds by 18:45
I put my feet up, have a glass (or two) of wine, admire my handy-work in the kitchen and have a chat with my sister
22:00 – good night
I KNOW, I KNOW, you're thinking, "Wtf Sarah, you want us to continue reading an hourly account of your mundane life over the next 3 days?"...I wish, keep reading...
Plays out nearly exactly the same as Tuesday - minus the farewell to Mayu and I didn’t work as hard on the backsplash, cleaned up the tiles and set up my work station to begin the job of grouting the next day.  We also spent the afternoon and had dinner with our friends Anna, Clint, Mona & Hugo.  Olive was terrible company, whinging all afternoon – I chalked it up to being a toddler who had a shitty nap.
 Again, both girls in their beds by 18:45, I with my feet up by 19:00, wine in hand and 2 newly downloaded Gossip Girl episodes!  In bed by 21:00.
WELL, just when I thought the next 3 days would be a breeze, and life would carry on as it was…
23:00 – I hear Olive, FREAKING out, coughing, spastic, I go in, she’s a mess.  I didn’t want her to wake Poppy, so I brought her into bed and WHAT A MFNIGHT!  I am not shitting you – I have NEVER had such a night.  Not when the girls were brand-spanking new and were super annoying, not through one of their sicknesses; NEVER have I had one of the girls up for such a time!  Olive cried and coughed all night.  A couple times, she coughed so hard, she puked, and another time, her coughing fit was so bad, I wondered how the fuck I’d get to the hospital with both girls in tow.  Olive woke Poppy a couple times, then Poppy went crazy and by 03:00, she, herself, had a cough.  Oh man! 
Sometime after 03:00, both girls managed to suppress their coughs and we all got a little shut eye, but like clockwork, were all at the breakfast table by 07:30.  COFFEE!  OMG, I forgot to get cat food...
We were at the doctors by 10:00, filled a prescription by 11:00, and picked up cat food and lunch and were all in bed for naps by 12:00.  The afternoon was very sad – both girls were super tired and clingy and we all just laid on the couch for the afternoon watching a mix of Despicable Me, Project Runway and AFVs.
So here it is folks, I’m halfway there – I pray tonight will be easier, and with that I’m off to get some sleep.  I’m disappointed that my tiles won’t be grouted to surprise Mayu with, however, at this rate, I’ll be lucky to surprise him with 3 humans:  alive, and 2 cats:  alive.  But seriously, if you never hear from me again, I have failed this test, and my cats are eating my carcass (don’t worry, Olive has carried Poppy to safety and is telling the neighbours what an ordeal the past 2 days have been without her dad around)…
Until next time, IF there is a next time,
Grumpy Old Sarah.
"In the 16th century, melancholia was the elective illness of the exceptional man, of he who had nothing above him.  During the Romantic period, it stood at the crossroads of creative genius and madness.  Today, it is the situation of every individual in Western society." 
Alain Ehrenberg, The Weariness of the Self    
And remember folks, shop locally.


  1. ha ha ha...oh this is the good stuff. This is what life with kids is really all about. Bring it on...
    I love Project Runway myself, I am watching season 8 right now on the internet.

    Ummm ya I really wish you were closer and we could drink wine and laugh at the life we are living, but in saying all that....really at this point, I could not imagine it any other way, and same for you.
    We love those crazy little people, because for many years someone loved us as crazy litte people and I thank them for that when ever i see them. And then hand them my kids to babysit. -) Got to love grandparents.
    lv shannon C

  2. OMG. I laughed my ass off. Thank you Sarah.

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