Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines and all that...

Hello all!  Well, I'm sorry for dropping of the earth, it's not for a lack of material, but rather, I've been experiencing some technical difficulties over here.  As per usual, my phone is dead and lost, Mayu won't let me touch his precious Iphone (probably because of witnessing the treatment of my own phone) and we left our camera in Canada on our last visit.  I needed some photos taken for an entry I had written, titled "shit my kids have eaten",  and Mayu had agreed to take the photos, for me, with his precious Iphone, but then before he got a chance, went away for work for the week!  So, here we the wake of Valentine's Day. 
My sister works at a really busy restaurant in Toronto, Kalendar, (as they don't take reservations, it's not unusual, on the weekends, to wait for over an hour for a table).  Since she works as a hostess, she has to deal with fuming people, pacing the front, waiting (im)patiently for a table and sometimes being, well, total dick-heads.  She told me that she worked Valentine's, and I asked her (assuming so), if it was a total nightmare - and she said, 'no, not at all'.  All 'tables for two', every couple ordered a glass of wine, entree, dessert and, then, left shortly after paying the bill.  The turnover was quick, and the couples kept coming.  No couples lingered over wine or conversation, everyone, dutifully, ate and left.  Weird, right?  Well, perhaps not. 
Mayu and I, sadly, forgot the day, until I asked him what the date was, while I examined a carton of sour milk I was thinking of giving Olive.  When it dawned on us, of course, we hugged, kissed, said, "no gifts" and then made plans to have some wine and hang out in the evening (but this is every evening for us - we put the kids down at 7, grab a glass of wine, and lay together, in the aftermath of the day, on the couch).  Lame?  perhaps, but great.  Don't get me wrong!  We make a point of getting a sitter once a month and going out for dinner or beers, and of course, would love to do it more often.  But really?, we're just too tired to do it more often!  Once, we found ourselves out on a "date", in a pub, and we were too tired to carry on a conversation, instead we just sat side by side watching 'Swedish Idol' (which we could have just as easily done at home).  But this is it, when life, jobs, kids, ALL OF IT, gets in the's tough.  So we figure, if you keep on making time, ALL THE TIME, not just on one day of the year, you'll end up with something a bit better in the end.  In fact, I asked an accountant friend some budgeting advice (hoping to get some material for an upcoming entry), and she said, well, get a sitter once a month and go out on a date!  lol!  Thanks Claire, but I'm afraid that's the opposite of what I was looking for...albeit, far better advice than 'save for a rainy day' or some load like that.      
So, for all of you who know what I'm talking about, this one's for you - hope you had a great day loving the one you're with, or grocery shopping.
Until next time,
Grumpy Old Sarah
And to prove I AM a romantic, not a cynic, here's one of my favorite fun facts:  In Paul and Linda McCartney's entire marriage, they only spent one week apart - cool.  
Oh, and don't forget to give blood and register yourself as an organ donor!               

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