Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To blog or not to blog, this is the question...

After having had posted the above on my fb and receiving support from friends to go forth and conquer, I nervously sat down, last night, and began hacking away trying to structure my future blog.  I vacillated between an online-diary and attempting to produce a great think-tank which would encourage thoughtful insights from friends and family  - but this is it:  I don't KNOW what this blog will be or become, or if I'll last much longer than a couple entries before I can't stand it any longer (I've already been told by friends that I'll have to carry around my mobile, ugggh, and maybe even have to keep it charged, ugggggggh, in order to get pics while I'm out to make things more interesting!! ;)) 

Although I cringe at the thought of reading back on 'Dear Diary' entries 20 years from now (I luckily - major sarcasm here- saved my diaries from my teenage years...what a muppet!! ), I won't be able to help but yammer on about my 2 girls: Olive & Poppy, and my partner in crime: Mayu.  I'll, also, likely complain about the old ladies who live in our closets:  Ata & Minuet (don't worry, we don't keep old human ladies tucked away, Ata & Minuet are cats).   

I also love sharing my two (sometimes unwelcomed) cents with the world , and will likely bitch a lot about day-to-day annoyances and behaviors - God willing, this will remain humorous, but you must understand that I was brainwashed as a child, by my parents, into believing that most people are idiots...I just can't help but think and express this. 

Hopefully, in addition, there will be some discussion on parenting, gardening (yes, it's true, come spring, I will likely talk a lot about tomatoes - and, I think, I’ll try planting some root veggies this year...just to save something to talk about come fall), renovations (Mayu's very favorite topic, I'm sure), travel/culture/being part of a family in a foreign country, health and the likes. 

But lastly, I just want to exercise my right (aka, test my ability and technical savviness), dammit, to blog...so, here we are, and welcome.

Yours truly,
Grumpy Old Sarah

(my husband has kindly pointed out, that at the ripe old age of 30, I qualify for the BBC's Grumpy Old Women series)

Until next time:  'Instead of discarding the water you've used to cook your vegetables in, save it to water your plants' and, for the ladies with boys...

Raising boys       

and, lastly, for all the parents...please meet a couple, the really fantastic founders of www.babble.com, whose website I frequent and will likely share and post for discussion ...watch this...


  1. Well done you grumpy old lady you! :-) Love how you embedded the video and everything. So technically savvy!

  2. Yay, you did it! I really liked the article on 'raising boys' - as you know I need all the help I can get with those things...

  3. Great first post Sarah Grace! I loved the video too. I've never heard of babble and will definitely be visiting that site often. Thanks for introducing!

  4. Wow, well done old lady! I hope the content on here is not limited to raising children, but I DO home there is a post about getting around in the subway in Toronto, and a quote like "I'm just going to take the kids home to feed them and put them to bed, then I'll be right back"

  5. Will get on sharing with everyone the 'stroller incident' soon, Andrew, we're still recovering from the trip ;) But I burst out laughing reading your quote of Mayu, so we're almost there!